Monday, August 11, 2014

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 1. Liber Astra

...never knew what you were building here
footnotes, baby, our pages span a billion years
waiting/wading at the edge of the sea
gazing at the angels we were destined to be
but we’d never live to see, kinda bittersweet
apes making babies and dying for the dream
fine: dream bigger, eyes on the prize
with maps of the stars and supplies for the ride
Algorhythms, still performing on Earth
and if we gave it away, that’s still more than it’s worth
for the Pagans at play and the Mormons at work
and the agents of change and the orphans at birth
it’s a big damn planet ... room to thrive
humankind used to let me down but now the dude abides
...better than bitching cuz breathing is DOPE
you need a reason to fight, forget a reason to hope
yeah, I been screaming all night, but hey, the people should know
your freedom’s a joke, cuz after all, it’s cheaper to own shit
so we don’t even see the control -
with electric lights to exorcise demons and ghosts
you can feel it but leave it alone,
then parade around in daylight, completely at home and you know this...
…you also know that you’re not
just woke up young and never coped with the shock
all grown up and lost with a home and job
a big ball of panic with a broken facade
on a big ball of granite in a big empty space
….a small miracle that could fix any face, right?
smile, stoopid, relax and just breathe
as the salt from your blood flows back in the sea
and a poisoned planet scatters it’s seeds....

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 2. Orbitas

...the magicians other hand
the audience was watching but they didn’t understand
subconscious responses, subliminal commands
relax and watch the images expand
...the open seams in your head
oaths that you’ve broken - dreams you forget
it’s burned from your brain but it’s deep in your chest
and it needs to be freed from your flesh
...the science of sleep
from lucid levitation to flying at speeds
that can take an ape to space to watch Leviathan breathe
total silence, and finally, peace
...the glory of that orbital view
when you realized you were losing more than you knew
paperclips and staplers, reports and reviews
it’s a con so of course we’re confused
...the cult of control
returns on investments, results you can show
men with some questions, consultants and clones
buzzards and vultures with phones
…they’re picking it clean
claiming it mine & draining it dry, living the dream
the same silent scream in every image we see
we all get to be a witness at least least we get to believe
there’s a script behind every last memorable scene
and an audience for every single second you breathe
letting go’s a hard lesson to teach
...there’s a billion of you
all wasting days to pay for their bills and their food
the schools and the prisons, office buildings and zoos
and the flags that we filmed on the moon
...the magicians other hand
the audience was watching but they didn’t understand
subconscious responses, subliminal commands
...proceed with the ritual as planned.

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 3. The Eighth Tower

Don't you hate when people take sides?
The North saying it was slavery being made right
The South saying it was basically 'bout States' rights
And both were fragrantly insane lies
But winners always want to claim prizes
So someone's always justifying state violence
Every story, you're the victim getting saved by it
Cut to real life — open fire on the race riots

And have you ever seen a straight line?
Your own fingerprints manipulating spacetime
Every second's a projection of your brain's lies
Dirty hands, open eyes and a changed mind
... spotted off the East coast at dawn
It reached the West Wing lawn before an intercept could launch
The second that they woke him up, it vanished on the spot
They thought that it was odd, but that's the nature of the job

She watched him from across the room
Tracing every line, memorizing how his body moved
Never spoke a word as she talked it through
Thinking over everything she never said but wanted to
... don't you hate it when the stories clash?
What's the point of being burdened by the boring facts?
And the questions that you know you can't afford to ask?
In the parking lot, screaming at the quarterback

See the same scene in any city you go:
Seven billion shining diamonds in an infinite row
We share it every second yet we live it alone
But to them, it's just a single big continuous show
... spotted off the East coast at dawn
It reached the West Wing lawn before an intercept could launch
The day it all changed, the world watched in awe
The shock of recognition; the faces of the Gods

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 4. Medicine Bow

he wasn’t ready for the taste of his blood
another boring day on the hunt, on the way to his truck
stuck down to his knees by the pain in his lungs
it all came in a flood, all changing at once
he’s alone, breathing slow, with his face in the sun
terrified of dying, life wasted and done
moaning at the sky and proclaiming his love
no praying, just knowing that her name was enough
light faded to dusk, all changing at once
laughing at the language as it drained from his tongue
into sad, soft music, waiting patiently, numb
drifting into dreamtime, the waves and the hum
….then the light, the hum and the waves
and for a couple of days he had nothing to say now
sitting on the sofa, getting drunk with the shades down
dreaded every setting sun, wasn’t the same town

...he wasn’t ready for the sight of his kids
in the car, his wife saying they were frightened of him
she took the rifles and split, started going on a vicodin kick
up at her mom’s spot, crying and sick
he watched it from a distance, denial’s a bitch
so he couldn’t stop drinking till he finally did
cleaned out the house, built up a pile of his shit
and he burned it all down like the lie that it is
but still too tired and terrified to admit
that the food chain had changed, the sky wasn’t his
flashbacks of eyes with no lids
and every nightmare a memory he tried to resist
….like the lights, like the hum and the waves
and for a couple of days he had nothing to say now
neighbors all saying how he’s suffered a breakdown
something had changed, it just wasn’t the same town

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 5. Galaxy Map

I flow fresher with age, read more every month
know less every day, now I just orbit the Sun
we hear more than we see, see more than we know
know less than we think, it’s like a horrible joke

a watchful kid, always curious & never talkative
born with a huge horizon and he broadened it
cosmic drift, along with all the awkwardness of consciousness
he caught a glimpse and never lost his grip
more than measuring the math of the doppler shift
real time watching it, span a couple continents
he could tune into the nested waves
started charting out the harmonies of empty space
started noticing his lonely gift in second grade
sight and sound was impossible to separate
they called it synaesTHEsia, but never saw it move
the world of surfaces was all they knew
solid smooth molecules that always follow rules
monkeys say they got it proved but God is not amused

I flow fresher with age, read more every month
know less every day, now I just orbit the Sun
we hear more than we see, see more than we know
know less than we think, it’s like a horrible joke

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 6. Status Q

since I was young, I’ve thought something’s wrong
so I used to have my doubts, but now I love my job
...locals felt the blast for five miles
lights were something huge, everybody knew
I showed up in a suit and satisfied smile it’s all just a classified file
big story, never made the evening news
easy, too, an operation we routinely do
…that’s what this country needs my team for
lifetime of silence behind the green door with decisions that we never made
...prepped and trained...orders get obeyed
helicopter drop report to the crash
reconnaisance, recovery, recording the facts
the evidence, every individual case
the visuals change, strange, contradictory shapes
strangers sniffing you for the ritual chase
waking up dazed and stunned, shiver and shake
fear and doubt, feel your thoughts clearing out
always seems so easy til it’s here and now
...saw it coming but I didn’t move
just always seems so impossible until it’s you
always seemed so easy to control the story
until I had my whole world broken open for me
saw it all in slow motion and I couldn’t hold it
shattered glass of every little crooked moment
...moving image is the new religion
and I used to save the world, now I do the dishes
best role I could get, but it’s only a set
another in joke that’s over my head
but on a clear night, I know that I’m blessed
still young, dumb and happy with a home and a bed
and I’m set... (and I’m set)
I also know that’s a lie
but I seem to keep the demons down most of the time
just another broken weapon, toss the wreckage aside
but I’ll never understand why they left me alive
illusion of depth, I remember how the edges fit
I guess the rest of it, I choose to forget
the whole thing never left, never made a shred of sense
never slept the same in any bed I’ve ever been in
never forgot the shape of the lights
never quite remembered what remained of the night
that’s alright…....I never wanted to know,
...just want to do my job and go home
I like getting stoned and watching my shows
in the kitchen drinking coffee alone...
thinking monkey with a body of bones
...people listen then they see me different
so I used to talk about it, now I keep my distance
once I finally saw the feeding system...
thinking we were preconditioned to be easy pickins
...I saw it coming and I’m living proof
always seems so impossible until it’s you

EELRIJUE | CODEX | 7. Pyre Ships

saw the setting sun from the desert once or twice
long nights waiting for a death that never comes
living legend, a curse and a blessing
a long time alone with too many questions
too numb, too much to choose from
too many folks getting used once and chewed up
no traditions, no saints, no magicians
only Torquemada on the road to Lisbon
and history is so persistent
yet we never know the names of the ghosts we live with
a generation of adrenaline fiends
tethered to screens, death by six or seven degrees, you know
give or take, just need a little living space
running out room some with some overflowing dinner plates
guess it’s not a problem if you don’t admit it
off the record, no specifics, smoking gun, loaded image
the human mind is so consistent
always something stupid making monkeys go ballistic
...scratch that, it’s nothing to me
keep the good shit tucked up my combustible sleeves
saw the setting sun from the towers of the Temple House
swam the centuries and never drowned, been around
mythologized, leatherbound, kids forget me now
...just justice for the decades I let you down
give or take, I’ve idolized and imitated
and now today I’m just a fiction that some kid created
and underneath it, the secret of secrets
ten thousand year old man, but who’d believe it
myths and legends, respect to the bretheren
who posed their whole lives in the form of a question
moral and a message, madness and a method
meaning doesn’t matter, memories of Memphis
never could accept it, daughters and wives, all in a line
watching them die, the slaughter of time
beneath it, the secret of secrets
the bones and the blood and the screams of the phoenix
history is so persistent
yet you never knew the names of the ghosts you lived with
but we’ve been watching you, you’re so soft and smooth
but we’ve been watching you, you’re so soft

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Message from Dr. Quandary

Algorhythms fans: I'm psyched to announce that we're reissuing our original EP from 2008! The updated album has been lovingly remastered by Walt Westinghouse of The NEKTones, includes four additional B-sides, and features beautiful new artwork by the amazing Dewey Decibel. Downloads and limited edition turquoise cassettes (with mini-posters!) will be coming your way on February 2nd.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


"If we weren't here would there be UFOs here? I think the UFOs are definitely connected directly to us and we're only seeing what they want us to see, what we think we're seeing." - John Keel

It is true: EELRIJUE is finally ready for launch. This was an album we tinkered with for a long time -- then abruptly, we wiped the slate clean at the beginning of 2013 and built the final record from fever dream scratch. It is our best, strangest, tightest project to date. In another radical departure, we will not disappear for years after this release. We have several more choice pieces of ritual art to follow. Thank you for listening.

"It is becoming more and more obvious that it is not starvation, not microbes, not cancer, but man himself who is mankind’s greatest danger because he has no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating in their effect than the greatest natural catastrophes." - Carl Gustav

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Algorhythms - "Galaxy in Niafunke"

This was a Benediction we wrote for the Love Supreme Tour. We are sharing it now because there are new projects on the way. Algorhythms is back.

yrics & vocals by Thirtyseven
beat & original artwork by Dr. Quandary
bass by Matt Scott
recorded & mixed Walter Westinghouse for NEKtones

they say every day is a blessing...every night is a question
...pain is a lesson...any tool is a weapon
every last molecule making up my blood and bones
was busy being something else less than 12 months ago
every last atom that exists in your brain
came vast distances though black, infinite space
every last bad decision we made, it had it be done
it's tragic, it's dumb, but that's just what gravity does
I did the math and had to stop bragging this year
cuz everything's an accident here, traffic is weird
the illusion of control is all part of the plan
but at least I can appreciate the art of the scam
every day I'm grateful that I'm crazy as fuck
and they can't pay me enough to be wage slave of the month
see, everyday people Thank God out of laziness
I'm giving thanks for any given day I get away with this
when monsters walk among us in everyday life
they hide in plain sight under makeup and stage lights
and everyone accepts it cuz we all got the message
after one King, two Kennedys and John Lennon
perception all depends on who's framing the question
...pain is a lesson...any tool is a weapon
everything repeats here, and everyone forgets it
going through a broken loop that never gets connected
so every day is a good one, each act is your last
on a gradual path that always happens too fast
but dude, you are not helpless and you are not confused
honest truth, a lot of you have lost your roots

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Operational Reality

The secret of success is secrecy. -- Wyndham Lewis

" soon as the knowledge of the cipher is widespread, the code will change again. Evidence shows it is already changing." -- T. Allen Greenfield

WaPo: In the Department of Defense, where more than two-thirds of the intelligence programs reside, only a handful of senior officials - called Super Users - have the ability to even know about all the department's activities. But as two of the Super Users indicated in interviews, there is simply no way they can keep up with the nation's most sensitive work.

"I'm not going to live long enough to be briefed on everything" was how one Super User put it. The other recounted that for his initial briefing, he was escorted into a tiny, dark room, seated at a small table and told he couldn't take notes. Program after program began flashing on a screen, he said, until he yelled ''Stop!" in frustration. "I wasn't remembering any of it," he said.

Peter Galison "The classified universe, as it is sometimes called, is certainly not smaller, and very probably much larger than the unclassified one. The U.S. added a net 250 million classified pages in 2003. By comparison, the entire system of Harvard libraries—over a hundred of them—added about 220,000 volumes (about sixty million pages, a number not far from the acquisition rate at other comparably massive universal depositories such as the Library of Congress, the British Museum, or the New York Public Library). Contemplate these numbers: about five times as many pages are being added to the classified universe than are being brought to the storehouses of human learning including all the books and journals on any subject in any language collected in the largest repositories on the planet.

Epistemology asks how knowledge can be uncovered and secured. Anti-epistemology asks how knowledge can be covered and obscured. Classification, the anti-epistemology par excellence, is the art of nontransmission."

"When you’re dealing with these things everyday, I very often ask: Why is this classified? Overclassification is, I agree, something that very properly ought to be addressed in a serious way." -- Donald Rumsfield

Robert Anderson: I was a demolitions technician with the Air Force who was reassigned to work with the CIA’s Air America operation in Laos. We turned in our military IDs cards and uniforms and were issued a State Department ID card and dressed in blue jeans. We were told if captured we were to ask for diplomatic immunity, if alive. We carried out military missions on a daily basis all across the countries of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

We also knew that if killed or captured that we would probably not be searched for and our families back home in the U.S. would be told we had been killed in an auto accident of some kind back in Thailand and our bodies not recovered.

In Laos the program I was attached to carried out a systematic assassination of people who were identified as not loyal to U.S. goals. It was called the Phoenix program and eliminated an estimated 60,000 people across Indochina. We did an amazing amount of damage to the civilian infrastructure of the country, and still lost the war. I saw one team of mercenaries I was training show us a bag of ears of dead civilians they had killed. This was how they verified their kills for us. The Green Berets that day were telling them to just take photos of the dead, leave the ears."

"The name of the game is 'Find Your Adversary'. Your adversary's game plan is to convince you that he does not exist." - William S. Burroughs

How to Master Secret Work --

Friday, January 13, 2012

Algorhythms - "Precious Little Time"

From the compilation We Are World Around Vol. 2 - World Around Records 2012.

look, forgive me if I play my cards close to my chest
I learned to plan for the worst and hope for the best
the only real reason for humans making music
is to clearly, honestly communicate true shit
universal blueprints for worldwide movements
I'm not saying I have it, but I probably got a few hints
packing the room, cuz that's what I do
and I got precious little time left to pass it to you

we tested out the weaponry, what's left to see
is how your trajectory connects to me, eventually
rock keg parties in Vermont with a band
watch it expand, reinvest the profits in land
yeah right, last night we didn't even get paid
but the people who came are the real reason we play
I love where I live and I build with my team
to make motherfucking sure that our children are free
home school pro tools, raise my kids right
meditation masters trained in fist fights
practice tai chi, let their mind breathe,
leaving time free to dance and climb trees
the happiest child stays active and wild
and can't even speak a sound without cracking a smile
I don't have to believe it, I've been there and seen it
this is dedicated to Obie, Chekie, Eden
and Aidan, the next generation to balance the equation

at seventeen, I didn't know what dedication was
so I made it up, building scar tissue out of paper cuts
I wrote what I lived, right? you spit what you know
the problem is, then you’ve gotta live what you wrote
art is a curse, I could make a billion dollars a verse
and still be losing sleep trying to polish my work
and living with the nothing that my knowledge is worth
at least rapping for a living’s got some obvious perks
but when you're sleeping in a bag on a stranger's floor
you see freedom is a trap and go insane on tour
big on contradiction, figured you could handle it
thinking like a business, drinking like an anarchist
yeah, right, last night we didn't even get paid
but all the people who came are the real reason we play
I love where I live and I build with my team
to make motherfucking sure that our children are free


Thursday, August 18, 2011

EELRIJUE: Stanley Kubrick on 2001

This is all verbatim from Saint Stanley Himself:

"I will say that the god concept is at the heart of 2001, but not any traditional, anthropomorphic image of god. I don't believe in any of Earth's monotheistic religions, but I do believe that one can construct an intriguing scientific definition of god.

They may have progressed from biological species, which are fragile shells for the mind at best, into immortal machine entities and then, over innumerable eons, they could emerge from the chrysalis of matter transformed into beings of pure energy and spirit. Their potentialities would be limitless and their intelligence ungraspable by humans. These beings would be gods to the billions of less advanced races in the universe, just as man would appear a god to an ant.

They would be incomprehensible to us except as gods; and if the tendrils of their consciousness ever brushed men's minds, it is only the hand of god we could grasp as an explanation. Mere speculation on the possibility of their existence is sufficiently overwhelming, without trying to decipher their motives.

The important point is that all the standard attributes assigned to god in our history could equally well be the characteristics of biological entities who, billions of years ago, were at a stage of development similar to man's own and evolved into something as remote from man as man is remote from the primordial ooze from which he first emerged."


Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8: 5.55% and 6.66%

No commentary, much LULZ. No matter how you want to "explain" this it remains an exquisite headfuck.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 New Algorhythms Shows: August 13th & 14th

We just can't stop doing it. For these next two dates, we'll be opening up for Witness, who will be touring with a live band that happens to include World Around Records producer/multi-instrumentalist Daimyo. It's all in the Family.

If you're not already up on the beautiful music Witness makes, get familiar:

August 13th -- Positive Pie Montpelier, Vermont. $5 cover. All ages.

August 14th -- Red Square Albany, New York. NOTE: Early show...starts @ 6 pm!

Thirtyseven and Witness

Friday, July 29, 2011

Al Hubbard and Timothy Leary

no particular commentary - just a fascinating artifact

more context on Hubbard: Erowid Vaults

Saturday, July 23, 2011

EELRIJUE: Unfolding Questions II

What happens the morning after money becomes meaningless? Do we all go back to our jobs the week after the aliens land?

The past constantly tricks us into thinking in the wrong terms. For instance: how huge does a systemic shock have to be to actually puncture the consensus reality trance? Answer: we'll find out. Again and again. The question of how humanity would proceed after our first open contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence is fascinating. Even more interesting is how we would handle the second round of know, when the other aliens show up.

What kind of social effects would widespread telepathy have on human culture? So much of our everyday interaction is based on deception that access to functional psychic abilities would be problematic. At least. Would you even want unfiltered, direct access to the thoughts of people around you? Is that a superpower or a catastrophic mental illness?

Supposing it was possible to unfold almost limitless energy from the quantum vacuum level -- would this be a Good Thing for the human species and their Earth? What would we really do with infinite power? Would being given a billion dollars really change your life and solve your problems? Everywhere you go, there you are. People can successfully break out of prison, but not the psychology that got them there. Behold, The Secret Name: Khazzoom-Brookes.

Our future will be shaped by what we cannot change -- most of all, ourselves. Technocracy porn aside, there is no escaping what English-speaking despair artists often call The Human Condition. Here we tread the line between cheerful fatalism and an honest assessment of our basic limitations. Really: are human beings ready for the super-powerful technology of tomorrow? It's not like we handled hydrogen bombs very well.

Or LSD, for that matter.

What if the headlines tomorrow were about a group of top scientists holding a press conference to shamefully admit that cold fusion was real? What if you could get a toaster-sized appliance for a couple hundred bucks that put out continuous electrical current -- and never stopped? Could there be a benevolent agenda behind the black budget ecosystem of classified technology? LOL SURE!!! Matthew 7:16

How can we break habits that are over 10,000 years old? Can we fix our own heads? How can we scale up Dunbar's Number using nothing but factory parts and aftermarket drugs? Is there an epigenetic switch available to tune out the circular drone of my confirmation biases? Bonus Round: philosophize: what does it mean for concepts of "free will" and "destiny" if you can dilate your perception of time to perceive multiple events simultaneously?

"Time is a fractal, or has a fractal structure. All times, moments, months and millennia, have a pattern; the same pattern. This pattern is the structure within which, upon which, events "undergo the formality of actually occurring," as Whitehead used to say. The pattern recurs on every level. A love affair, the fall of an empire, the death agony of a protozoan, all occur within the context of this always the same but ever different pattern. All events are resonances of other events, in other parts of time, and at other scales of time." -- McKenna

"Thanks to telegraphs and modern communications, commanders are flooded with a tsunami of almost meaningless facts."

Clear thinking requires constantly updated information. Myths like empty space and closed systems and Cartesian grids hinder understanding. We exist on a living spacecraft, swimming through invisible energy exploding from our Sun at every second, hurtling through a completely unknown area of the Milky Way galaxy...simple facts can be hard to come by. Embracing uncertainty should be the strategic imperative for the Kali Yuga, because things will only get weirder from here.

This century will be dominated and shaped by cities -- the new human organism, the largest and most voracious carnivore known to Earth. With over half the planet's population living in a city, artists need to confront the question of reclaiming public space and creating livable communities. How can we make our cities more beautiful, even as they metastasize and go supernova into the 22nd century? Maximize the dominion of nature and banish the demons of Retail Space at every possible turn. Resistance has nothing to do with branding, image, manifestos or politics...create in four dimensions. PEACE IS CONTAGIOUS.

"I expect to see the coming decades transform the planet into an art form; the new man, linked in a cosmic harmony that transcends time and space, will sensuously caress and mold and pattern every facet of the terrestrial artifact as if it were a work of art, and man himself will become an organic art form. There is a long road ahead, and the stars are only way stations, but we have begun the journey. To be born in this age is a precious gift, and I regret the prospect of my own death only because I will leave so many pages of man’s destiny — if you will excuse the Gutenbergian image — tantalizingly unread. But perhaps, as I’ve tried to demonstrate in my examination of the postliterate culture, the story begins only when the book closes." -- McLuhan

Can you imagine being completely conscious all the time? Can you imagine living past 200? Can you imagine language viruses that cause mass outbreaks of violent insanity? We have serious problems on the horizon that are not being prepared for, and this is not something we want to be right about. Still, we wonder: is DHS allocating resources to keep up with science's ongoing War on Reality?

"My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know, and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such beings." - Crowley

Paul Davies speculates that a space-faring civilization could use nanotechnology to build miniature probes to explore the galaxy, perhaps no bigger than your palm. Davies says, “The tiny probes I’m talking about will be so inconspicuous that it’s no surprise that we haven’t come across one. It’s not the sort of thing that you’re going to trip over in your back yard. So if that is the way technology develops, namely, smaller, faster, cheaper and if other civilizations have gone this route, then we could be surrounded by surveillance devices.”

"So, I appeared to be in a fifth dimensional fluid, an information space that I could say was maybe kinda bluish, extending out infinitely. These things swam through it and interacted with it and they told me that what the universe was, was a larval form of what they are, which is fifth-dimensional entities. And the only way to grow a fifth-dimensional entity is to plant it in time, henceforth our universe." -- Morrison

How do we unpack the lessons of mysticism into something tactically useful for self defense? Through the power of language, the language of science, and 10,000 other simultaneous fronts. Get in where you fit in. We have pagans in Hollywood, bankers in Boston, and operatives in every home: hands are full but life is good. Bob Dobbs teaches that Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough and we hold that truth to be self-evident. There is no other road to clarity available in the Kali Yuga. High ambient weirdness levels, synchronicity epidemics, and intolerable breaches of your comfort zone: those aren't problems, they're healthy symptoms...good signs on the road to Communion.

If time travel ever happens, then time travel has already happened. Much like the (unresolved) question of ET intelligence, the binary solution to chronophysical travel defines the parameters of our entire Universe. Either way, focus on what the Answer means to you, because that's where the real meat is. Big Change is gonna come and we need to be ready to move. We've already started building the future.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EELIRJUE: Rigorous Intuition

The writing of Jeff Wells is a foundational text for the Algorhythms project, especially If You Go Out In the Woods... -- a recounting of Carl Higdon's singular encounter, which was the inspiration for the s. maharba cover art. October 25, 1974. However, his website Rigorous Intuition is a goldmine of brainfood and Dr. Quandary suggested a guided tour. This is that:

Spirit of the Beehive -- assessing the common "boundary experiences" between abduction phenomena, religious visions, near death experiences, and of course, smokable DMT. Considering this as a unified field helps keep the mind limber...there are no easy answers here. Yet.

Who's Screening Who? and Far Away So Close both address the abiding questions that surround non-human intelligence: contact, targeting, time distortion...and most of all the sheer absurdity of the whole experience.

Seeing Things, Saying Things -- an examination of how our brains paralyze us in the face of extraordinary and paranormal events. It's an important introduction to Full Spectrum Dominance (and Part Two) which examines the ongoing war for consciousness control.

Colour Out of Space -- get familiar with The Nine. Related: "Day of Declaration" looks at the team behind the Maitreya, a billion dollar conspiracy of religious engineering and probably the most audacious prank since the Book of Mormon...

No Time of Think -- a bite-sized rundown of UFOlogy's most complex and important case: Franck Fontaine, the French abductee whose bizarre story unraveled into something even more interesting.

"When Twilight Dims..." -- covering the strangely violent and virulent UFO/UAP phenomena in Brazil, from the Amazon to the Atlantic Coast. Wells also posits a remarkably strong theory on why Brazilian encounters are so much more vivid / brutal than similar contact events elsewhere around the world.

Finally, The Merlin Project is a strange 80's era throwback mystery about Pentagon projects to peer into the future, and Mind Over Mind ends this on a subversive high note of mutant optimism. If you've never heard of Mirin Dajo before, prepare for a shock.

"Time must be well used: this is a basis for a possible theory of ethics." -- McKenna

Friday, July 15, 2011

EELRIJUE: Unfolding Questions

13. Their philosophical system is based on the following ideas: nothing dies; all things evolve cyclically in such a way that at every cycle they are renewed and improved. Motion is the universal law. -- The Secret Commonwealth

It's easy to intellectualize alternate dimensions, especially since we barely understand this one. Actually witnessing them firsthand strips Language away completely. Since we've started the Love Supreme tour, Team Ganesh has been on a strange path. I'm feeling pretty bilocational these days, and Dr. Quandary has been off on a Heroes Journey story arc that would make Stan Lee and David Lynch proud. For the Algorhythms project, though, High Strangeness and uncomfortably paranormal shit is basically oxygen.

The message beneath all synchronicity has a single common current and it goes like this:

How can we amplify that message? How can we puncture reality on a repeatable basis? How can we counteract a social environment that's boring and give total strangers permission to be awesome? Can we push the envelope without coming off as pushy?

Work with me here: What is the most beautiful thing you can show the world, and what steps can you be taking today to make that happen?

If violent, self-destructive behavior is shaped by environmental design, where are the most important "pressure points" for making highly effective changes? Can better live music lead to breakthrough catharsis and better life decisions, or is it just better live music? Is it actually possible to feed steak to a baby, given the right preparation? What if The Exorcist is actually about an extraterrestrial entity that toys with the primate mind of a human priest? What does it even mean to move sideways through time?

...and exactly how long has this monkey business been going on?

Through the light. "Selfishness is unnecessary and hence-forth unrationalizable...war is obsolete." Bucky challenged us to challenge ourselves. The Universe makes universal solutions impossible by nature. How can we make that an advantage? Or at least, less of a constant liability?

Geometry changes at different levels of scale, but as humans our morality stays centered at the organism level no matter how much we dilate our perception. It doesn't matter how you "look at it" -- dying sucks. You can picture yourself as a tiny cell in a massive superorganism, but you seldom get to experience it. And what can really be said of it when we do? So many mystics just wind up sounding like monsters when they speak from a Big Picture point of view.

Leviathan is a monster, of course. Most political science frames the human superorganism in negative terms, but why? Aren't happy organisms also healthy organisms with fully functional immune systems and thriving cells? Equating warfare, starvation, and genocide to natural process like digestion or apoptosis legitimizes a process that's more like injury or disease. Then again, 50 billion cells are going to die inside you today...

"Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, being carried away by surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease, or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master." -- Hakagure

"Having offered our body to the spirits, there is no longer any need to care about it. We should really visualize our blood as an ocean for the spirits to drink, our body as food for the spirits to eat. It is for the sake of all mother sentient beings that we give up our bodies."

Life in Marvelous Times

"The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary world-view which will sustain human existence into a continuous future." - Paul Laffoley

"Time Cloaking" sounds futuristic as all heck, but it turns out to be a rather simple trick. Thanks to the properties of spacetime and the unity of the electromagnetic spectrum, Time Cloaking turns out to be more optics than temporal translocation...see if you can grok this:

"Time cloaking is possible because of a kind of duality between space and time in electromagnetic theory. In particular, the diffraction of a beam of light in space is mathematically equivalent to the temporal propagation of light through a dispersive medium. In other words, diffraction and dispersion are symmetric in spacetime."

The actual size of the effect in question is somewhat less impressive than the headlines imply:

"The device has some limitations. The Cornell time cloak lasts only for 110 nanoseconds--that's not long. And Fridman and co say the best it can achieve will be 120 microseconds."

Shit, Paul Laffoley has a machine designed that can do better than that already. Are you up on the GEOCHRONMECHANE? Get hip.

Still: time cloaking is of deep interest to Team Ganesh. Tiny effects are all human engineers have ever needed to enact miracles on Earth. Soon these humble results will be better understood, and amplified into an actual means of local spacetime distortion. What can Time Cloaking do for you?

Meanwhile, in bunkers of Kent State, advances in magnetechnology prove even more interesting -- at least in terms of time travel potential. Behold the latest monster from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory...

"High-powered research magnets are created by packing together dense, high-performance copper alloys and running an electrical current through them. All of the magnet's forces are focused on the center of the magnet coil — right where Toth and his team engineered the four ports. Building a magnet system with ports strong enough to withstand such strong magnetic fields and such a heavy power load was once considered impossible.

To accomplish the impossible, Toth's team cut large holes in the mid-plane of the magnet to provide user access to the bore but maintain a high magnetic field. All of this had to be done while supporting 500 tons of pressure pulling the two halves of the magnet together and, at the same time, allowing 160,000 amps of electrical current and 3,500 gallons of water per minute to flow through the mid-plane. (The water is needed to keep the magnet from overheating.)"

Serious experiments come with serious consequences, and tinkering with dimensionality itself is sure to create some completely fascinating problems. How would you deal with the literal disappearance of Lab 7B? Some of the strongest predictive programming in Fringe centers around the question of dealing with experiments that threaten the structural integrity of spacetime itself.

Science is fascinating stuff when it challenges our conceptions of reality, but what happens when it actually compromises reality in ways we cannot understand?

We look forward to finding out, of course. Algorhythms is not about Fear The Future dystopia, no matter how bleak our speculations may appear to be. Still, we wonder: is DHS allocating resources to keeping up with science's ongoing War on Reality? It all began, of course, on that infamous day in 2001...when a team at Harvard froze a beam of light in a laboratory setting. Since then, it's been an escalating series of brazen attacks, culminating in the human-jellyfish living laser project. (No, really.)

Considering the most recent round of fake terror threats involved bombs being actually implanted into human bodies, it's safe to say DHS is operating at least three years behind Hollywood, which is operating at least a decade behind science fiction at all times. Altogether, that's at least 13 Year Gap and it's a serious national security problem for the United States.

Consider The Crazies, a socio-economic horror film with a hilarious twist. The first 80% of the movie fakes the viewer out with a typical "zombie survival" action template, then abruptly makes it clear that the US Military, acting under protocols laid out by the Federal Government, is going to kill everybody and thus, far more dangerous than zombies who only go hunting one meal at a time. (Think about it.)

Once the true monster is revealed, it is far too late for the protagonists to fight back. They can only run, and in doing so, condemn another city full of innocent civilians to death. Roll credits. Containment is a nightmare that never ends, even nuclear weapons are not enough to enforce Control.

Consider "containment" as a concept itself -- this is an extension of the Myth of Entropy, a fictional end state known as a closed system. The damage that we do on this planet radiates out in waves just like any other spacetime phenomena does. Category errors make up most of the cultural discourse here in the Kali Yuga, as cognitive bias works with information technology to create an accelerating feedback loop of pure white noise. In other words, everything you think is horrible about the world in 2011 will be exponentially worse in less than one year.

The same is true for Beauty and Truth, though. It's all getting cranked up to 11 from here on out. Buckle up and eat good food.

Algorhythms is a collaboration between producer Dr. Quandary and emcee Thirtyseven.

Dr. Quandary recently dropped his instrumental album, Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter on World Around Records.

Thirtyseven, who also records as Humpasaur Jones, reps A∴A.

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